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Mark Levine, Minnesota Book Publishing CEO at Hillcrest Media Group

30 Dec
mark levine minnesota

Mark Levine, CEO of Hillcrest Media, Minneapolis

Mark Levine is the CEO of Hillcrest Media Group, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based book publishing technology company. At its core, Hillcrest Media Group is a technology company that has built a book publishing management solution that can efficiently move thousands of authors and publishers through the book publishing, editing, marketing, printing, and distribution process. Hillcrest’s technology manages thousands of book projects from various entry points into the publishing process — from uploading a manuscript to real-time inventory management.

Mark Levine led Hillcrest Media’s expansion from a self-publishing company to a multifaceted publishing company that works with individual authors as well as licensing out it technology.  Hillcrest’s proprietary publishing management software allows it to operate distinct publishing services websites with varying entry points in the publishing process, through one back end. Authors looking to self-publish their books may go through Hillcrest’s self-publishing division, Mill City Press. Authors with already completed files, who just want printing and distribution, engage with Hillcrest Media through it’s book printing and distribution division, Authors just needing ebook publishing services will use Hillcrest’s ebook division,

Already published authors looking to promote their books may list them for free at, the oldest online book directory (1997).  For published authors and independent publishers just looking for book marketing services, Hillcrest offers those services through its book marketing division,

While Mark Levine is not a fan of Minnesota winters, he keeps warm indoors, spending much of that time working on new book publishing products and services, including (launching in 2015), which will become the ultimate online destination for fiction writers providing writing advice from experts, online fiction writing classes, community forums and more.